I am a Professional Logo Designer. I have been creating logos for nearly 6 years now. 

In this PKG, You will get:

  • Creative Monogram Logo
  • 100% Logo Transparency
  • 2 logo concepts + 2 revisions
  • Source Files
  • Vector Files
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Please place 1 order for 1 company name.

Please prepare your Design Brief before placing an order.

A successful Design Brief includes:

1.Business Name(Logo Name/Logo Text)

2.Tagline/Slogan(If you have a tagline-optional)

3.Font Choice(If you have any font choice-optional)

4.Color Choice (If you have any color choice-optional)

5.Design Examples (If you have any examples-optional)

6.Look and Feel of the Logo: Elegant or Bold, Playful or Serious, Traditional or Modern, Personable or Professional, Feminine or Masculine, Colorful or Conservative, Economical or Upmarket, etc.

7.Style: Lettermark/Monogram Logo only

8.What your organization/company/business does.

Let’s be well-organized to achieve the best result of your design project. 

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